3 Essentials of the B2B2C E-Commerce Model

3 Essentials of the B2B2C E-Commerce Model

Definition of B2B2C ?


B2B2C is an eCommerce model that connects business to business to consumers. Where this includes product transactions in the eCommerce. This is a good collaboration to provide mutually beneficial services. 


The B2B2C model is quite popular in almost all eCommerce commerce. This strategy can maximize the business opportunities of the company to achieve the target. Because that is why many companies are expanding their systems or models from B2B to business to business to consumer systems.


Of course this is done to be able to benefit from the many benefits of the model. Because this strategy is a mixture or combination of the two previous models, namely B2B and B2C. But in developing this system, of course there are many things that need to be considered by the company. Among them are partnership relationships that must continue to run well.


Difference B2B2C vs B2B vs B2C ?


From the previous explanation about B2B and B2C and B2B2C, of ​​course now you can understand more about it. In short, basically B2B is a transaction that occurs between two businesses or two companies. Usually B2B is implemented in the supply chain. So the company purchases the product from another company for use in its manufacturing process.

While B2C deals with businesses that generally sell services and products to customers directly. In this case there are no intermediaries or parties and middle people. Because the sales process goes directly from the company to the customer. Both of these things may now also be present in the system of buying and selling in eCommerce.

Through the above understanding, it can be seen that the differences between B2B2C vs B2B vs B2C are as follows.

In terms of terminology, it is clearly different. As said earlier that B2B2C is business to business to consumer. Then B2B is business to business and B2C is business to consumer.

The next difference is that in B2B2C there is an intermediary needed. While the B2B and B2C business models do not require intermediaries.

Finally, the difference that can be seen is that B2B2C involves 3 parties, while B2B and B2C only involve two parties.


B2B2C Challenge?


Running a B2B2C business also has some challenges in its implementation. So for business people who are doing this strategy for the first time, it is better to know the potential challenges they will experience later. Generally, this B2B2C business model has the following challenges :

  •  Real Time Data Sharing
    It is very important in this strategy to be able to share data in real time from the first business party to the end consumer correctly. Where because of the intermediary, the possibility of delays in information can occur at any time. This has an impact on the acceptance of information by consumers is not inaccurate. Meanwhile, on the business side, sales data is also not immediately updated properly.
  • Challenges in Promoting
    Next is the B2B2C challenge in doing promotions. Because there are two parties in charge of carrying out this activity. So that both must support each other to introduce the best possible products and services to end consumers.
  • Challenges Regarding Customer Ownership
    It is quite difficult to determine customer ownership in using this kind of business model. Because in these two businesses, customer management is not only done by one party, but both. So dividing the number of each customer is not an easy matter in the end.
  • Challenges in Brand Differentiation
    Finally, what often happens is the challenge of brand differentiation that is introduced to consumers. Because in this case there are two forms of business that both want to be known by consumers. So that in promoting B’s business products automatically also promote A’s business products.

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