4 Effective Ways To Collect, Analyze And Leverage User Feedback

4 Effective Ways To Collect, Analyze And Leverage User Feedback

Creating a great product and building a great business may sound easy from your point of view. But it’s not the perspective that determines the success of your company, but your users. This is why collect, analyze and leverage user feedback is an important part of making a company successful.

What is User Feedback?

User feedback refers to your users’ thoughts and emotions about your product and business. It usually consists of their level of satisfaction with you and what does or does not satisfy them. This could be a review saying your product is great, a message complaining about your business, or a feature request explaining how your product could be more useful. Every opinion of your customers is important because their satisfaction is what makes your business a success.

Why is User feedback important?

User experience or users have an important impact on the success of the company. Although customers cannot be directly involved in the decision making of a company, it is their thinking that should be the driving force for company decisions.

User feedback is very important for all units of the company. The support unit will want to check the quality of their service, and the product unit may need help prioritizing what to produce. To increase the success of a company, a product manager must know well about how to collect user feedback, analyze it, and take action according to the results.

How to collect User feedback?

Statistical tools are not always sufficient as they run the risk of ending up with skewed data that only represents customers’ likes or dislikes. Qualitative data should be used to gain further insight. You can connect directly with your customers. Live chat, surveys and social media are among the most common tools for gathering user feedback.¬†

  • Live chat is a direct way of communicating with your customers. You can ask specific real-time questions or categorize incoming feedback.
  • Surveys help you easily ask customers questions about certain aspects of your service or their experience. This is useful for measuring customer satisfaction provided by the survey.
  • Social media is a leading platform where everyone loves to express their feelings. While it’s not always as meaningful and constructive as direct feedback, you can find feedback very effective on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
User Feedback Tool
  1. UserGuiding is basically user-orientation software designed to improve your overall user experience with your product. This will give you the ability to create product searches, highlight features, send in-app messages, and create a self-contained help center without coding.
  2.  Gamified Feedier is a feedback gathering tool that allows you to create smoothly designed surveys that aim to change the process for users. You can offer various incentives to users who voluntarily provide feedback to you and with the feedback you will get, you can improve your business and products. 


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