4 Things You Must Know What Usability testing Is

4 Things You Must Know What Usability testing Is

Understanding Usability Testing

Usability testing is one way to find out whether the user can easily use the application, how efficiently and effectively an application can help the user achieve its goals and whether the user is satisfied with the application used. The person in charge of this process is the UX researcher who will collect user and customer representatives, then see if they can use the product easily.

Purpose of Usability Testing

Purpose of Usability Testing according to the Nielsen Norman Group:

  • Identify problems in product or service design
  • Uncover opportunities to improve
  • Learn about the behavior and preferences of the target user
Usability Testing Method
1. In-House usability testing

In-House usability testing is testing that is carried out remotely, either via an internet or telephone connection. This method is carried out by both the UX researcher or a sample of users and moderators in one place by evaluating the same product by using an internet or telephone network connection.

2. Moderated remote usability testing

Moderated remote usability testing is testing that is carried out remotely (remotely) by the administrators and the testers. The examiner will conduct analysis, several forms of testing, conduct questions and answers and draw conclusions that are solutive to evaluate our website. Because the process of this method is carried out remotely, an experienced party must be provided.

3. Unmoderated remote usability testing

Unmoderated remote usability testing is a process where testing is carried out without direct supervision. The testers can do this remotely from home, using their respective devices to open the website or software being tested. For an optimal evaluation, this method requires the examiner to ask questions that must be really specific that is useful for communication and further decisions.

Steps to Undergo Usability Testing
1.Determine the website to be tested

In this method you have to consider what features are still the main obstacles for your website. Next you can prepare some questions such as, what will users do when they first visit your site? What are the pros and cons? Which part should be improved? And others.

2. Determine the candidate to be tested

at this stage you have to think about the possibility if the participant cannot fully represent the target user criteria. To anticipate this, make sure that before starting the testing process, you are ready to design a persona that is very close to native user standards.

3. Setting up a digital prototype

With a prototype, it will be easier for you to find out how potential users will respond to your website features. The prototype is also the initial form of your website that has not yet passed the refinement phase.

4. Plan activities to be tested

The activities designed should be clear and concise so as not to confuse participants. This method is very important to learn so that the website that you manage is as expected. Usability testing is certainly different from User Testing, even though both methods are methods of testing an application whether it is desktop, website or mobile based.

5. Observing the trial process

Here you can set up a recording device as a documentation tool during the test. After the participant opens the main page of the website, the examiner immediately gives a scenario about what the participant should do. If it is done remotely (online) then you can use an application that can record the ongoing test process.

6. Make a summary of the test results

After collecting the test data results, immediately make a detailed report to be used as a material for discussion between you and the team. All test results that have been recorded from observations and the recording process are made in a report which is then analyzed, then look for any issues that arise from the trials conducted by the participants.

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