4 Tips to control stress and avoid burnout at work!


In a workplace environment, it is natural for someone to feel stressed. At work, stress is usually caused by a lot of pressure factors, such as short deadlines, piled-up tasks, and even conflicts with coworkers. These things are events that will happen and are regarded as challenges in the workplace environment that may cause most people to feel stressed. However, the biggest challenge is how we handle the stress we experience. Because, if not handled properly, we will experience what is called burnout syndrome. So, what exactly is burnout syndrome?

Definition of Burnout Syndrome

Burnout syndrome is a chronic stress condition where a worker feels tired both mentally, physically, and emotionally caused by pressure and work that does not go according to expectations. Employees who experience burnout usually show signs of severe stress such as being easily tired, and desperate to get angry quickly.

Burnout is not a trivial thing that can be ignored because if it continues, it can lead to more severe physical and mental health problems such as fever, loss of appetite, loss of motivation to depression. Burnout syndrome can be caused by several factors such as the following:

1. Unable to manage work well

Difficulty managing time and making decisions at work such as creating schedules and assignments can be stressful.

2. Unclear work expectations and goals

If you do not have a clear purpose for the work you are doing, then you will not feel comfortable working.

3. Uncomfortable work environment

In addition to a lack of appreciation for your work, intimidation and even bullying from superiors and co-workers can make you feel depressed.

4. The task is too extreme

When you are given a job or tasks that are way too extreme beyond your capability, you may lose your focus and you will get tired easily both mentally and physically.

5. Imbalance of work life with personal

You spend so much time at work than in your personal life that you forget to spend time with family or friends.


How to control stress at work

After reading the definition and causes of burnout, surely you can control stress to avoid the effects of the syndrome. Therefore, here are some tips so you can control stress levels in the work environment:

1. Take the time to rest

Relax, a short break will not make you lose progress in your work. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to take a break from your work. Taking a short break can give you more energy to get back to work.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss

If you have a complaint that you want to convey, don’t be reluctant to discuss it with your boss. If you are piled up with various jobs beyond your ability, you have the right to refuse the position. If a conflict has not been resolved, don’t hesitate to talk to HRD.

3. Set limits on yourself

Know the limits of your ability to get the job done. When we recognize it, time will be used more efficiently and you will not be overwhelmed when given various tasks. Set boundaries to maximize work and rest.

4. Do stress-relieving activities

There are many things you can do to relieve stress at work. Nothing forbids as long as your task can be completed on time. Do entertaining activities from playing games on smartphones, watching movies, and meditation.


Those are some ways for us to control stress. Hopefully, our tips can make you more resilient in the world of work and avoid work burnout! Also read other articles about Start-ups, business, innovation, and technology on the Ideanation website www.ideanation.id.

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