5 Best Profitable Christmas and New Year Business Ideas

Business Before Christmas and New Year


2022 will soon be over. With Christmas and New Year approaching, some people have been waiting for this momentum for a long time. It turns out that this moment can also be used to increase the coffers for some people other than being filled with holidays or gathering with loved ones. This is because Christmas and New Year events are often filled with exchanging gifts, eating, and going on vacation with the family. Apart from that, opening a business at this moment can also fill your vacation time, making it more productive by bringing in additional or main income.


Here are some business ideas ahead of Christmas that you can start :

    1. Photography business

      During Christmas and New Year’s holidays, most people like to take and capture moments by taking pictures to keep them as memories. Therefore, this business has a great opportunity to reap income because the market needs are very large. On the other hand, the photography market is also very competitive. Having a team of professional photographers gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors.
    2. Pastry business

      Christmas and New Year moments are usually synonymous with gathering with family and loved ones and staying in touch by visiting their homes. Of course, when visiting, don’t forget to bring souvenirs or food prepared by the host. Not infrequently the food that is given or provided is pastries. Therefore, this business idea opportunity can be one of the best references for you to apply. Don’t be surprised if you can be flooded with orders from customers.
    3. Parcel Business

      The parcel business is one of the businesses that is selling well ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays (Nataru), aka year-end holidays. Usually, many people are looking for parcels for the Nataru celebration. Giving parcels has become a culture in celebrating national religious holidays (HKBN). Requests for parcels and hampers are expected to sell well ahead of Christmas. The contents are quite diverse, ranging from snacks such as biscuits, pastries, fruits and drinks, to household knick-knacks.
    4. Clothing business

      Moments of Christmas and New Year’s Day usually also don’t forget to buy new clothes. For those who celebrate Christmas and New Year’s holidays, they will visit their close family or relatives’ homes to look attractive and different. They don’t mind spending their money to buy new clothes to beautify their appearance when they get together. And you don’t need to have a physical store to be able to do a clothing business, you can use online stores to sell your clothing business to consumers.
    5. Package Delivery Service

      No need to worry if you don’t have the ability to make cakes or be creative in making Christmas and New Year knick-knacks to be sold and marketed. You can run a service business between packages or parcels that will be sent. The wheels of the economy cannot be separated from goods delivery services. You can take advantage of this opportunity by utilizing existing vehicles and modifying them with boxes that can contain packages to be sent to consumers.

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