5 Future Application Development 2023

5 Future Application Development 2023

2022 will soon be over and we will all start entering the new year 2023. If we pay attention, 2022 was a pretty tough year for all of us. Where in the post-pandemic period, businesses at the global level are trying to bounce back from losses experienced in 2020. Therefore, many are looking for new opportunities to make their business shine in the competition that will come. Especially by transitioning its business to digital.

Therefore, many new technology trends will start to emerge before 2023 to answer this problem. The trend of developing applications, especially for smartphones and tablets, continues to grow as new versions of Android and iOS applications are released.

In this article, we can gain useful insights into some app development by looking at the latest trends :

  1. 5G

    The fourth industrial revolution started with the arrival of 5G. Compared to the fourth and fifth generation cellular networks, the fifth generation will significantly improve speed and reliability over the previous one.Thanks to 10 times faster network speeds and 50% lower latency or delay, 5G will be able to enable AR/VR, self-driving cars, IoT, and other applications to support business needs. And future applications will use this ability to complete tasks that we were not able to do before.

  2. Internet Of ThingsIoT or Internet Of Things is one of the best things in mobile app development and has created a lot of positive potential for both users and developers over the past few years. IoT can support communication and interaction at all levels. IoT technology with internet facilities is present in almost every device. This is helpful in a wide variety of sectors, including e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, and more.With IoT application developers can do several things :
    Can ensure better modification
    Can create more Hybrid applications

    Get more detailed and high-value feedback
    Get market detail gap
    Can reduce development costs
  3. AR/VR App (Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality)The advent of AR and VR has changed the user experience in a big way. These two technologies provide an immersive experience to customers or users that results in better sales for businesses. And app developers should consider this new technology to enhance business personalization efforts.

    With AR and VR, developers can do a number of things :
    Can improve the experience of visiting the store
    Can increase the selling price

    Provide new sensations for users or customers
  4. Cloud ComputingCloud Computing or cloud computing is one of the best technologies to incorporate in future mobile application development. There is no need to develop applications for multiple platforms and smartphones anymore. Applications that use cloud computing solutions can be run through a web browser and work perfectly on various platforms. Data does not take up extra space on your smartphone. Because everything is stored on the server and can be accessed via the internet only.

    Users can use their mobile space for other purposes thanks to the capabilities of this cloud computing based application. Perfect operation of cloud computing-based applications increases mobile speed and guarantees continuous use of applications on centralized servers. This server stores all important user information and data and can be accessed at any time. The possibility of losing data due to an application crash is rare because the server is running the application.
  5. AI (Artificial Intelligence)  & ML (Machine Learning)The last trend predicted to be the future of application development is AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning). The time it takes to develop applications can be significantly reduced with machine learning (ML).
    However, while AI and ML can streamline application development, these 2 technologies can minimize mistakes that a programmer might miss. Some of the mobile apps that are already available personalize certain aspects of a consumer’s order while including an AI component, such as a chatbot. Major industries such as healthcare and retail will see the potential for increased AI & ML powered applications over the next ten years.
    Those are some of the development trends for future applications that are predicted to experience a significant increase in potential in 2023.Also read other articles about Start-ups, business, innovation, and technology on the Ideanation website www.ideanation.id.  
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