5 Most Needed Digital Professions Today

5 Most Needed Digital Professions Today


In the midst of technological advances and digitalization, digital professions are currently in great demand. This situation makes some people begin to realize the importance of understanding and mastering the digital aspects of this era.


Some companies have begun to change the work system, but this has an impact on the demand for the required workforce. Which in the end many new professions that have sprung up, but many are also slowly starting to be abandoned.


However, some start-ups or startups have started to prioritize human resources with digitalization capabilities, so that the job opportunities or professions at a startup are very high.


Not only work, various business ideas also now require people to understand and understand the importance of mastering technology and digitization in today’s era.


Here are five digital professions that most companies need today.


1. Web Developer

Due to the large number of companies that conduct business or transactions through websites or the internet, expertise in the field of Web Developer or website developer is also needed to support work or business needs via the internet.


2. UI/UX Design

UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience) Designer is someone who focuses on designing and designing the appearance of the website to be more comfortable and attractive for use by users.


3. Digital Marketer

If a company wants its business to develop in the midst of digitalization of technology, marketing methods for services or products must also adapt to these conditions. Therefore, it takes someone who is an expert in marketing products in the digital world. Digital Marketer is a profession whose job is to market products through digital platforms, including the creation of content to promote products to be marketed, which must be adjusted to the target market.


4. AI Engineer

In the current era, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the industries that is growing rapidly, therefore many AI engineers are needed to develop AI. AI Engineer or artificial intelligence engineer is a profession whose job is to program, build and train AI (artificial intelligence) models using machine learning algorithms that can function like the human brain. This profession requires several combined skills such as software development, programming, data science and data engineering, analytical skills, business acumen, collaboration skills and good communication skills with teams.


5. Cloud Architect

Cloud or cloud computing is a term that refers to a collection of servers and data centers that can store all data or information.

With cloud technology, you no longer need the application installation process on the device, because the storage is already in one place. You only need to be connected to the internet to access the required data.

Cloud Architect is responsible for everything involving servers, storage platforms, connectivity and software to manage cloud computing in an organization or company.

Some of the skills needed to become a Cloud Architect are creative and innovative, have the ability to manage time well, be able to make decisions quickly and accurately, programming skills, managing databases, being able to manage networks and security and others.

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