5 Must Have Attitudes for Start-up Founder

What makes a successful start-up? #GenerasiPenemu maybe will say that the business idea, fund, and the existence of investors to develop a start-up will be the most important factor to make a successful business, but there is a more important thing than those things before. That thing is attitudes that every start-up founder must have.

From many of start-up founder in this world, there are lots of attitude similarity that makes them a successful start-up founder. If you are also a start-up founder, then these are a list of attitudes that you better have and do if you want to make a successful start-up.


The desire to make #IdeDariKamu become a reality definitely is not something easy, but if you believe and keep being optimistic about the start-up business idea that you have, then no matter how hard the obstacles, you surely will not give up and keep seeking ways to fix what needs to be improved, so that your start-up can be a successful one. This attitude is the foundation and also the main point that every start-up founder has. They are optimistic and believe that their business idea could actually solve a lot of peoples’ problems, therefore they can make a successful start-up.

Sense of urgency

Sense of urgency means that there is a feeling of urge, or in other words, we can say that there is a feeling to hurry in doing something. This attitude is a must-have for start-up founders because the faster you solve a problem, the better is the result. Sense of urgency can also prevent any unwanted things to happen because of trying to solve a problem when it is almost due.

A start-up founder who has this sense of urgency can be seen from a desire to apply 4-A cycle in everything they do, which is Achieve (achieving a target/goal) – Assess (evaluate the how-to in achieving target) – Activate (revise anything that needs to be revised and apply the new way on the next thing) – Accelerate (optimize the next target achievement).


Related to the sense of urgency, this attitude must be owned by start-up founders because, in the way of developing their business, they must have faced lots and lots of things that attract their attention. If you cannot be focused on doing what needs to be done (urgent), or maybe to your ‘why’ of building the business, you are losing focus and could end up needs a longer time to make your dream start-up come true. Not everything needs your attention. So, make sure that you keep focusing on your start-up purpose and the things that are really important to be taken care of.


Take a look around you. Almost every start-up you ever saw must have a great team behind.  The team was created because the start-up founder could do good teamwork. By having some people in a team, the start-up founders can get many advice and ideas from a different point of view, which represents the public’s way of thinking or their opinion. The existence of a team can also lighten the founder’s tasks because there are things that could be done together. If you already have a team for your start-up, make sure that you can do teamwork with them. Do not forget that you are a good team player and also a good leader.


Humility is not something that start-up founders have when they have achieved success, or when their start-up business becomes successful, but this attitude has been owned even since they were just started their business. Humility means realizing and acknowledging that there are many smarter and better people than you. Humility means seeing the competitor as your study reference and not your enemy. Humility also means that you admit your lacks and fix them up.

So #GenerasiPenemu, here are 5 must-have attitudes for start-up founders that you can apply to the start-up business development you dreamed of. Building a start-up is definitely not an easy thing. So, therefore, there needs to be a desire to keep learning from anywhere and anyone, including those successful start-up founders.

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