5 Startup Ideas for 2022

5 Startup Ideas For 2022

Building a startup is easy. Anyone can start a digital startup. However, the difficult thing is to determine the idea and keep the startup growing. You could say growing is the key for a business to survive and continue to exist. However, developing a startup has challenges that are slightly different from most businesses. For 2022, it is important to remember that businesses must also consider that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most people buy and use goods or services.

Determining brilliant startup ideas may seem difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs especially when everyone has the same idea as you think. However, there are other possible solutions that you can implement such as trying to improve an existing product or giving a unique touch to an old idea. One of the benefits of entrepreneurship is that you can create your own startup launch effort. In addition to the freedom that comes from being the boss of your business, starting a business can provide greater job satisfaction and higher earning potential.

 There are so many young people who are inspired to become CEOs or commonly called Entrepreneurs even though they are still at a very young age. But don’t hesitate, because actually anyone of any age and domiciled anywhere can become a great entrepreneur as long as they are supported with the right ideas.

To start a startup, you have to find an idea that matches your preferences and abilities or skills. Here are 10 recommended startup ideas below, hopefully they can be a reference for you.

You have to find ideas that match the abilities or skills that you or your team have. Here Ideanation has summarized 5 startup ideas in 2022 :

Food delivery

People around the world are turning to takeaways as their favorite restaurants close due to the pandemic. Even now that restaurants and bars are starting to reopen, people still love takeout or courier delivery. This has made food delivery a lucrative industry. You may decide to create a new new local innovation.

 Babysitting service

There is a child care crisis going on right now. Exposure to the coronavirus, closing day care and rising costs have left parents with no choice but to care for their children at home. The growing demand for child care services with a dwindling supply is the perfect mix to start a new business. If you enjoy parenting and can get the appropriate permits, a daycare business could be a great startup business idea for you.


Many people today choose to shop online, with 2.14 billion people worldwide buying at least one item online so far this year. The eCommerce system or online marketplace will not only expand the choices buyers have but also allow sellers to sell their wares to new customers, whoever and wherever they are. Therefore, making an e-commerce platform can be a startup idea that is taken into account at this time because it has the opportunity to grow rapidly.

 Smart Waste Management System

Building something unique that doesn’t have much competition can be easy and challenging in different aspects. Like, it is not easy to decide on the final features and services, but it can easily catch the attention of customers. The system is equipped with sensors that separate the trash from each other and recycle the items that are possible. It is an interesting idea to start technology and involve the latest IoT technology which will give you a high value project in the community.

Social Media Platforms

Netizens are very interested in using their cell phones all day long. We endlessly scroll through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram feeds for more updates and memes. But, we often get bored with the same platform, its content format and algorithm. Therefore, launching a new social media app with better features like no ads or full content user rights, etc., can lead users to your app. 

From the 5 ideas described above, you can choose the one that best suits your interests and skills. There are three main elements for a successful start-up business, a good leader with a cooperative team, a serious approach and consistent efforts in business, and optimal utilization of available resources.

Always pay attention to market trends and competition before choosing a technical or non-technical start-up idea to realize. Try your best for the results you dream of.

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