7 Ways to Create Product Value To Increase Sales

7 Ways to Create Product Value To Increase Sales

What is the value of the product ?

Value is very important because it can compare one thing with other things that are the same. This also applies to a product being sold. The value seen here is not only limited to price, weight, size, and other logical calculations. However, the value of the product can also be a comparison with other products offered by the same type. The value contained in a product will greatly affect the selling value in the market later.

The value of the product in addition to being a comparison and differentiator from other similar products is also useful for increasing its reputation. How the value of the product in the eyes of consumers is very influential on the selling value. The better the value, it is possible that the higher the selling value will be.

The Importance of Product Added Value
  • Activities to create added value for a product will have a positive impact, including:
  • Business people can set a high selling price:
  • When the product has a high added value, of course it will be directly proportional to the high price.
  • Products will stand out among competitors:
  • The added value of a product to consumers will certainly give a different impression.
  • Cost efficiency for the long term:
  • Products with high added value can dominate the market share in the target market because of mature competitiveness.
How to increase product value ?
  • Improve product quality

This quality improvement must be carried out on many elements in the product, such as taste, size, composition or ingredients, appearance, packaging or packaging and so on. Product changes for the better, of course, will make customers curious and interested.

  • Improve service to consumers

Make sure to provide the best service to customers so that they feel satisfied and happy. For example, responsive and dedicated workers, customer care who can be contacted 24 hours and the like. In this way, service to consumers can be maintained and as a result, consumers can also see the service value of the business you have.

  • Improving the quality of packaging (Packaging)

The appearance of the packaging can also be an important factor. The reason is, if there is a physical defect in a product, consumers will think negatively. Good packaging for you is not appearance, but the result of good and correct packaging.

  • Take advantage of customer testimonials

You can use positive testimonials from customers to increase business value. Show various positive testimonials from customers so that new potential buyers can see what value they will get from your business.

  • Provide special programs for customers

Make your customers feel special and special so that they provide always good value to your product or business.

  1. Combine personal selling and advertising
  2. Using personal selling for a small market with high prices, while using advertising for a wider market.
  3. Use and Love your Selling: Express how the product you are selling is truly sincere and has good intentions for others, especially consumers.
  4. Use feature advantage and benefit (FAB) technique: Explain as if your product is needed by consumers.
  5. Gather, Respond, Deliver, Close: Gather information from customers about the results of your product.
  6. Handle Uncertainty, Objection, Hesitation: Conduct a survey to find reasons why the product is not selling well.
  7. Empathy: Participate in what consumers experience when using the product.
  • Improve customer relationship

A good emotional relationship between producers and consumers can be a plus. Customers who have used your product for a long time usually become loyal and find it difficult to switch to other similar products. It can all happen because customers feel valued and embraced so they feel happy and satisfied with your product.

Marketing tools are important for identifying consumer responses to your product. So, when a negative review appears about your product, you should be able to neutralize it as soon as possible by educating the customer.


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