5 College majors that startup companies are now looking for!

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Over time, digital technology continues to develop and become more sophisticated which facilitates our daily activities. Coupled with the pandemic, digital technology has begun to be widely used to replace many of our activities in various aspects. One of them is in the business field, where more and more new companies are starting to emerge and move into the technology sector, aka startups. Currently, many startups have opened up many vacancies and are in great demand by fresh graduates who are looking for work.

In addition to relatively relaxed work culture, the knowledge and experience offered by working at a startup company are also very valuable to building your career, especially in the technology field. Although startup companies usually rely on a lot of technology to run their business, of course, every business needs quality human resources to keep running. So, which college major would be the best fit for startups?


College majors that are in demand by startups

Well, if you are interested in being able to work at a startup company, here are the 5 college majors, which are now being targeted by many startup companies:

1. Information Technology

Since most startups is a technology-based company, of course, an informatics engineering or an IT-based major is needed in the startup business. This major studies human interaction with technology through programming languages. From this major, you can get career prospects such as Web Developer or Mobile Developer.

2. Management

In addition to having adequate technology, startups also need someone who has knowledge of how to properly manage an organization so that workflows can be built neatly. Therefore, startups also need workers from management majors. Career prospects that can be offered from various majors from human resources, finance, marketing, etc.

3. Communication

Have you ever seen an ad that made you interested in buying the product? The advertisements must have been made by workers majoring in communications. In the communications department, you will learn how to create brand awareness for the public, which is usually done through various marketing activities such as online advertising. Fresh graduates majoring in communication are definitely needed at startups in order to promote their products and service. There you can work in the fields of marketing, media, and content creators.

4. Visual communication design

Any kind of valuable or interesting information becomes unattractive and uninteresting if it has a messy visual design. Therefore, it takes someone with expertise to design the appearance of a web or application as effectively and attractively as possible. You can learn these skills from the Visual Communication Design major or VCD in short. The career prospects for fresh graduates from Visual Communication Design in startups those include web designers, UI/UX, or product design.

5. Accountancy

When a startup business has started to have income or even losses, of course, someone needs to make a record and keep track of the company’s finances. This is where fresh graduates from accounting college majors are needed. With a neat record that the company is able to read without a hassle, companies can more easily make evaluations and make better decisions for the future. Some of the examples of career prospects that are open to Accounting graduates are accountants and actuaries.


Those are the college majors that are now much sought after by startup companies. Hopefully, it can be a reference for those of you who are confused about choosing your future college major and want to be able to work in a startup company. Which college major do you think matches your interests?

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