Customer Persona

In creating a business, you certainly have to know the types of your customers and what kind of solutions they need in solving a problem. That’s why you need a customer persona.

Actually, what is a customer persona? A customer persona is a semi-fictional character created in the imagination to represent a certain group of potential customers for your business in the real world. By having an idea about the customer persona, you and your team can guess what kind of solution they need, and what kind of decisions will make them end up using your services or buying your product. Each persona represents the true character of a potential buyer or customer for your business.

#GenerasiPenemu, you know how important a customer persona is? Customer personas can provide your business with value and input related to real customer needs, such as what kind of products attract customers in the same age range as the customer persona of your business, or which projects should be prioritized because they attract the most potential attention. customers, or also what needs are most needed by people with certain lifestyles. On the other hand, without a customer persona that can represent the needs or the decision-making process of a real prospect, you and your team may end up suffering because you need to do repeated trials to finally understand your potential customer’s real needs.

At the beginning of opening a business, you definitely know what kind of customers are the targets of your business, but the image of your customer’s character is not valid data that can be analyzed for truth and amount. Therefore, more valid data is needed and can represent the actual situation.

How to Create a Customer Persona

If you have never created a customer persona before, then you can see the example below to see how a customer persona should be created.

Customer Persona

Inside the customer persona, there is some information that must be listed to be able to provide clear input and direction to the business, such as customer personal information, motivation or what they want from the product, goals or what users need from a product, and frustration or what. which is a drawback of a product. From the customer persona example above, you can see that these components can provide clues about how your business should run and what kind of solutions customers need.

The above is an example of a customer persona that has been successfully created, but what are the actual steps to create a valid customer persona according to the data in the field? Here are the steps.

1. Research or survey

The first step to create a customer persona that is in accordance with field conditions is to conduct research or surveys, either online or offline, in writing using a formula or verbally by telephone or exchanging ideas. In this way, you can collect actual data according to the customer’s circumstances and situation.

The data that can be collected from research or surveys are personal information, marital status, occupation, annual income, education level, and others. In addition to the demographic aspect, there is also a geographical aspect that data can be obtained through social media insights apart from research or surveys.

2. Find out customer needs and wants

Behind every action, there must be a reason. The same will be experienced by customers. Know what their problems are, and what they expect or need from a product out there that can help them solve or alleviate their problems.

Some questions that can be asked, both to customers who have used products or services from your business, or to potential customers are:

“What are the obstacles that make it difficult for them to achieve what they want?”

“What kind of solutions do they need or expect to lighten their load?”

3. Goals customers

Each customer must have different needs and desires from one another. Find out what they want or need from your product or business that can help them in their daily life. Apart from what things can help them, you can also ask what kind of bonuses or benefits will make them feel ‘wow’ when they get it.

4. Solutions provided

After knowing all of the above, you can start thinking about what solutions are suitable to offer from your business products or services with the solutions they need. Of course, you need to show it to the customer to make them catch the catchy points of your product, so that in the end they can decide to choose your product.

5. Group by category

After all the data collection processes are complete, you can start grouping data from customers based on their characteristics. Arrange from the most similar to the most different in different categories, so you can easily find customer references that match your business.

A customer persona is not easy to create, but a customer persona is an effective way to evaluate products with the right solution for your target business customers. With the right solution, the targeted customers will be easier to reach and your business development can be measured in terms of sales. #GenerasiPenemu, make sure you’ve created a Customer Persona when building your start-up.

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