Recognize the Different Types of Customers When Starting a Business

Different Types of Customers When Starting a Business

The Different Types of Customers When Starting a Business

Marketing is a process that cannot be left behind in business, especially for those of you who want to maximize income in a start-up business. In fact, many start-up businessmen are still confused about carrying out a series of marketing activities.

They are more focused on product development. without thinking about how to communicate and convey the advantages and specific values of their products to potential customers/buyers or their target market. Moreover, by knowing the will or desires of consumers,

One of the determining factors for the success or failure of a startup is whether it has found the right target market or consumer. Determining the right target market will really help startups develop better.

Ideanation tries to summarize some examples of target markets that match the products and services of a start-up. The following are some examples of target markets or customers that are suitable for start-up service products:

Ready customers

This type of customer turned out to be quite effective in getting feedback quickly and their willingness to follow and try existing services and products. For start-ups that are still in their early stages, this type of customer can help the start-up determine the next strategy as well as make corrections to deficiencies or errors in the product.

For example, when Periscope just launched, users who were willing to try and follow all the live streams were helpful enough to see how successful the product was. The greater the willingness of customers who are willing to try, the greater the chance of the product developing well.

 Profitable customer

For a mature business, the main driver is profit. You will prefer customers who require the fewest resources to reach and retain them over time. Customers who pay more and demand less will at least boost the company’s profit margins.

At this stage, many companies are starting to forget the right way to provide the best service to loyal customers and new customers, thus providing an opportunity for competitors to reach more customers who are considered less potential.

Loyal customers

This type of customer will make you a big profit. From loyal customers who are willing to spend money and time on your products. If there are enough loyal customers, try to always bring them the latest innovations, features, and choices, and make sure to always provide the best service to loyal customers.

Many companies make the mistake of accommodating one type of customer at the expense of new customers. The challenge is to drive value from your loyal customers without alienating those who have not contributed or are of sufficient value to the company.

Forgiving customer

This type of customer is effective enough to spot errors but is still willing to use them. Especially for startups that have recently launched a new product or rebranded, added features, and innovations.Of course, there will be errors, shortcomings, and things that are missed in the product.

This customer is quite forgiving and corrects the existing mistakes but is still willing to use the start-up product or service. Henceforth, these customers will become loyal customers, as long as you accept all input and criticism.

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