Do startups require data science?

Data science in startup


We now live in an era where so many technologies make it easy for us to collect various data. The data that has been collected can be used as information that helps companies such as startups, to make a decision that improves the quality of products, services, or customer experience offered by the company. Not only for customers, but data collection also helps companies increase efficiency and effectiveness. However, the data collected will not be useful if it is not processed properly. To avoid human error in data processing, what is needed is data science.

Definition of data science

Data science is learning programming, mathematics, and statistics that aims to obtain information from various data. People who are proficient in the field of data science use machine learning with artificial intelligence that processes various data such as text, images, videos, etc. an analysis result that can be used to design strategies in problem-solving.

In data science, there are 5 processes that are passed to convert data into information. Broadly speaking, the 5 stages of the process are:

  • Obtain: Collecting data from various sources. Data is collected in a database such as MySQL or Python
  • Scrub: The data collected is filtered with irrelevant data
  • Explore: Each property in the data is analyzed in depth so that it can be visualized to get a clear picture.
  • Model: Modeling of the data begins to be made through visualizations such as graphs, charts, etc.
  • Interpret: The model that has been created is interpreted to answer business needs.
Data science for startups

Data science was initially widely used only in large companies before it was implemented in startups. But along with the times, the use of data science is also needed in small businesses, including startups. Data science can be an important tool in your business to be ahead of the competition when entering the market. Here are some benefits when your business applies data science:

  • Helps visualize data to predict the future of the business such as future product sales,
  • Personalize each individual customer by studying customer behavior. With this, the company can provide the services desired by its customers.
  • Can test products or product testing faster. With product validation, companies can know which products can sell better.

In conclusion, knowledge in a business is an essential tool in competing. If used correctly, then data science is one of your solutions in encouraging your startup business to grow.

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