General Question

What is Ideation?
Ideanation is a platform created for young people to accelerate their innovation in technology and environment and bring their innovations to the world.

What is the IdeaNation Innovation Challenge (IIC)?
Ideanation Innovation Challenge is an annual competition for innovators to showcase their various innovations. Every year, Ideanation determines certain innovation categories and selects the winners through a series of selection stages.

How to register for the Ideanation competition?
First, you need to create an account on the competition website IIC 2023 (or click here to create an account). Next, please click “Competition Registration” on the IIC 2023 menu if you want to register as a participant in the Ideanation Innovation Challenge Competition. Click on the registration button, fill out the given form, and you’re done! It’s easy, right?

Who can take part in the Ideanation competition?
Indonesian citizen with a minimum age of 17 years.

Is there a fee required to register as a participant in the Ideanation competition?
Nothing, because the Ideanation competition is free of charge. Be careful if there are parties or persons who act on behalf of Ideanation and try to harm you.

Is it permissible in one team to have members from different universities?
Of course it is allowed, unless your team represents a certain university.

What are the benefits of participating in the Ideanation competition?
The benefits that you will get are cash prizes of up to one hundred million rupiah, business incubation to become a real product and ready to be commercialized and funding of up to 1 billion rupiah.

Questions Regarding IIC 2023 Registration

What does “Representing for” mean in the registration form?
The part means which party your team represents. If you are entering a competition to represent a particular university or institution, then please select the “University” option. If you do not represent any party, please select the “Individual” option.

How many members are allowed on a team?
There are at least 2 (two) members and a maximum of 5 (five) members in one team (excluding supervisors if any).

Is it allowed to add members to a registered team?
As long as the number of team members has not reached 5 (five) people, you can still add members to the team.

Is it permissible to change the team supervisor?
Can not.

Is it possible to change the team leader?
Can not. If you need to change the team leader because of an urgent need, you can create a new team.

Is it possible to remove team members from a registered team?
Of course, I can. Members can remove themselves but not other members, while a team leader can remove other members but not himself. Removing members can be done by clicking on the red “X” icon next to the edit icon.

Why did I receive a warning that my team registration process was incomplete?
The warning means something was missing in the registration process. Please check the Dashboard page and make sure all members have filled out the registration form correctly, and the team has sent a proposal or presentation.

Can I replace previously registered information or data?
Data replacement is allowed as long as you do it before the given deadline. You can change your personal data on the Dashboard page.

Is it permissible for one person to be in two different teams but register in the same competition?
Can not. One person can only be registered in one team in each competition.

Ideanation Innovation Challenge Registration

What needs to be prepared to become a participant in the Ideanation Innovation Challenge Competition?
You only need to prepare your identity (KTP/SIM), the title of your innovation and a short 5-10 page proposal explaining your innovation idea. After everything is ready, you can register as a participant in the Ideanation Innovation Challenge Competition.

How do I submit a pitch deck?
Pitch decks can be sent after you complete the data of 2 (two) team members on the ‘Dashboard’ page. Then, below the member’s name there will be a button that says ‘Submit Pitch Deck’. Pitch Deck must be in PDF & PPT format.

Can we replace a pitch deck that has already been shipped?
Of course, I can. All changes or repairs to any data or files that have been registered or submitted can still be replaced as long as they have not reached the specified deadline. Please keep in mind that the pitch deck we grade is the last one you submitted.

Where can we find out what needs to be included in the pitch deck?
You can see the pitch deck guidance in the menu on the IIC page

When was the last time to submit a pitch deck?
For the Ideanation Innovation Challenge Competition, proposals can be submitted, changed, or corrected by 30 June 2023.

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