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Water Coin, 2022

Water Coin is a startup that focuses on solving complex problems related to the availability of drinking water, through water management and treatment, digitalization and environmental considerations. Water Coin wants to solve that problem experienced by industry, society and the environment as continuous innovation. With the Water Coin machine, people can get safe drinking water easily, and reduce plastic packaging from mineral bottled water as well as play a role in the use of new renewable energy to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases and global warming. The machine can work by filtering water from existing sources into drinking water according to existing drinking water quality requirements.

BIKI, 2021

Berkah Inovasi Kreatif Indonesia is a waste solution that develops innovation in the utilization of chitosan biomaterial extracted from shrimp shell waste which is a by-product of the frozen shrimp industry into derivative products with high added value which has not been implemented in Indonesia so far. The main product produced from chitosan is an edible coating for fruits and vegetables under the Chitasil brand. The aim of the production of chitosan biomaterial is to reduce and provide added value to shrimp shell waste resulting from industrial production of frozen shrimp which is the main export commodity for fisheries in Indonesia. Chitosan has many functions and can be applied to various sectors, one of which is the agricultural sector as an Edible Coating.


Biomagg is a startup that focuses on processing organic waste, especially food waste, using black soldier fly bioconversion technology to create a circular economy. Biomagg utilizes organic waste as food for the Black Soldier Fly larvae to produce a new source of protein and organic fertilizer.

Bell Society, 2020

Bell Society is a business engaged in the field of renewable materials. Moment Currently we are focusing on using microbial cellulose as a textile material. With With our technology, we are able to convert carbon (sugar) into cellulose sheets that have a texture and strength similar to leather. It is known that about 40% of fruit produced is wasted due to unsuitable shape or because it was not sold in time, by using fermentation technology, the Bell Society can produce leather-like material with nearly the same strength and flexibility. This can also be a solution in the leather industry where leather production uses hazardous and inefficient chemical compounds. Micellar can be used for many things, including for accessories as well for furniture, here are examples of products that have been made using micellar.

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