Internet of things elements, 4 Things You Must Know !

Internet of things elements, 4 Things You Must Know !

The development of technology in Indonesia is growing day by day. One of them is the Internet of Things or what can be abbreviated as IoT. Actually IoT itself has been developed for a long time, but lately its name is getting more popular.

What is the internet of things ?

Technically, the Internet of things or IoT is a system consisting of various devices such as computational devices, mechanical and also digital devices where each device has a unique identifier / UIDSs also has the ability to send data through special networks such as lorawan or the regular internet without the need for assistance. man.

IoT can also be interpreted simply as electronic devices, sensors, machines or objects in everyday life such as smartphones, laptops, lights, air conditioners that are connected to the internet, for example smart lamps, smart air conditioners, IR remote blasters and others.

Internet of things elements
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or in Indonesian means artificial intelligence is an invention that can provide the ability for any technology or machine to think (to be “smart”). So, AI here is done by collecting various data, installing networks, and developing algorithms from artificial intelligence.


Connectivity or commonly referred to as the connection between networks. In an IoT system consisting of small devices, each system will be interconnected with a network. So as to create a more effective and efficient performance.

Small size device

In today’s technological developments, the smaller the device, the lower the cost, but the higher the effectiveness and scalability. So that in the future, humans can more easily use IoT-based technology devices comfortably, precisely, and efficiently.


Sensors are an element that differentiates IoT from other sophisticated machines. With the sensor, it is possible to define an instrument, which can change IoT from a standard network that tends to be passive to an active system that is integrated with the real world.

Active engagement

Many modern machines still use passive engagement. However, what makes it different from other machines, IoT has implemented an active paradigm method in the various content, products and services available.

The benefits of the internet of things for a business

Internet of Things has become more widespread out there, so companies can use business value and also support business development. Well, the benefits that companies can get when using the Internet of Things are:

  • Gain data-driven insights from Internet of Things data to help manage your business better.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of business operations
  • Creating new business models and income
  • Connecting the physical business world to the digital world easily to be able to quickly push time into a valuable value.
The internet of things can be used in various industrial fields including :
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • ¬†Service finance
  • Manufacture
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Trading
  • Security
  • Technology and network
  • Development

the conclusion is that IoT is an electronic device that is connected to the internet, IoT is used for various things in everyday life with the aim of simplifying the daily activities of humans and companies. 

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