Know The Right Customer for Your Business

Know The Right Customer for Your Business

All newly established businesses always have a wide variety of customers, but a sustainable business usually knows the right customers for their business. Getting to know customers in business can be done by narrowing the customer, starting from the beginning when the business does marketing to various kinds of customers, then when the customer starts to show interest in your business, until in the end you find which customer is most suitable for your business and wants to buy the product. or services of the business.

Understanding customers is not an easy job. There is no definite formula that you can find on the internet or anywhere else because every business is unique, and customers always evolve from time to time, depending on demographic and geographical factors. In fact, knowing customers is a task that needs to be done by a business in order to make its business something sustainable and running well.

So, how do you know the right customer for your business? There are several ways that can be done, and one way is the Marketing Funnel.

Definition of Marketing Funnel

The Marketing Funnel is the stages that show the variety of customers involved in every interaction process that customers have with your business. Broadly speaking, at the promotion stage, there will definitely be many customers involved as potential buyers, the goal is to introduce your business to the wider community. Of the many people who start to get to know your business, there will only be some people who are interested in further exploring the products or services of your business.

Entering the sales or transaction stage, there will also be fewer customers involved compared to the previous stages, indicating that there is a narrowing of the variety of customers that makes it easier for you to get to know customers who fit the pattern and business idea. In order to facilitate the process of introducing customers at each stage, the Marketing Funnel provides a funnel-like visualization of real situations like this.

Stages and Methods of Marketing Funnel

Actually, each business has different stages of marketing funnel depending on the type of product or service provided, the platform used, as well as the target market of the business in question. However, in general, the Marketing Funnel has 9 stages, each of which describes each process that will be passed by the target market. 

Know The Right Customer for Your Business

The Marketing Funnel with 9 stages maps the customer journey from the initial introduction of the business to the recommendation process after the customer has completed the transaction. Each stage has customer coverage as follows:

  • Awareness: Customers at this stage are usually reached through promotions in various media or channels, such as advertisements, social media, webinars, SEO, and others.
  • Interest: Customers who are in this stage come from customers in the previous stage. When the customer feels interested and wants to learn more about the company, product or service, and other information related to the business. You can analyze what factors attracted the attention of customers in the previous stage so that you can step into this stage.
  • Consideration: Customers at this stage are people who have met the qualifications and can be referred to as potential customers. You can start being more proactive with potential customers while figuring out what kind of product or service they need or want.
  • Evaluation: Customers at this stage have started to consider whether they will transact with your business or not. Depending on your business, you can persuade customers to buy the products or services offered.
  • Decision: The customer at this stage has decided to make a purchase on the product or service offered. You can find out what are the determining factors for customers to make transactions with your business.
  • Purchase: The customer at this stage has made a transaction and has successfully purchased a product or service from your business. You can evaluate the customer regarding the product or service purchased.
  • Repeat: Customers at this stage have repeated transactions with your business. You can analyze whether the customer bought the same product or service as before, or not. At this stage too, you can find out why they bought or didn’t buy back the previous product.
  • Loyalty: Customers at this stage are loyal customers who transact with your business. Even though you are a loyal customer, you need to analyze what new innovations can attract the attention of loyal customers so they don’t get bored with the products or services your business provides.
  • Advocacy: Customers at this stage are satisfied with the products or services and services of the business, so customers want to recommend your business to colleagues or relatives. At this stage, you can find out what makes them satisfied with your business, and which areas still need to be improved for further improvement.

#GenerasiPenemu, those are the stages and ways of marketing funnel that you can learn and practice in your business so that you can get to know your customers better. The more you get to know the customers of the business you run, the easier it will be for you to interact with those who direct them to transact with your business, so that you too can create a good and sustainable business.

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