7 Startup Work Culture You Need to Know Working

Startup Work Culture

lotsat a startup of final year students or even fresh graduates who are trying to do internships and work at startups. Good mastery of information and technology by Generation Z is considered to be in line with the startup work culture and values ​​of this modern company. 

It’s only natural that working in a startup is excellent, it’s all because of the assumption that working there is more flexible and looks challenging. So, does this assumption match the reality? Here Ideanation will explain what the work culture at startup.

Flexible working hours

Working at a startup is synonymous with a flexible work culture, if we can complete the target before the deadline that the company has set, we will have more free time. It all also depends on the field of the startup where we work.

Furthermore, we can do tasks outside of working hours as long as we are able to do it and when it is specifically requested by our superiors or teammates to work on a project because of something urgent and must be finished right away.

Very open communication

One of the most impressive work cultures at startups is when you are communicating with fellow team members. In startup, there are no senior and junior terms. Everything blends into one in creating an idea and innovation. Seniors or veterans who have been in startups are your mentors and discussion partners.

This is, of course, different from corporates, which sometimes still have the term senior-junior in their work culture. Through an open communication space, you can ask your seniors anything related to the idea you want to pour or something you are confused about.


Usually, startup do not place restrictions on their workers in terms of style , as long as they are neat and polite. However, keep in mind, not all startup provide this freedom.

Employee Training

Startup is very concerned about the quality of employees. Usually, this type of company also provides training for employees so that their skills can be improved. If skills increase, it is certain that the performance of the employees will improve so that it has a good impact on startups.

Effective & Fast Work Culture

Working effectively at a startup means that we must be able to manage time well, make a list of priorities, and maintain communication with partners so as not to make work that should be completed quickly a little delayed. That way, we can easily manage stress.

Solid Team

In a company, we have an obligation to establish good cooperation with our teammates.companies startup , the relationships between individuals tend to be more intimate because they do not focus on structure and standardization.

Everything blends into one without any rigid seniority. You can even freely ask other, more senior workers in a more relaxed manner, but certainly remain polite.

A Dynamic Environment in the Style of a Startup Work Culture

A dynamic work environment means an environment that changes a lot, and that is natural. It is not impossible to make a decision reshuffle due to changing targets when implementing a startup. 

The work culture at startup like this might be burdensome for some people who like rules. But, don’t make it a burden, yes, as long as we can understand each other’s situation between workers, establish effective communication, and get used to always being united with the team, it will create a fun dynamic work environment.

That’s a brief explanation of startup. After knowing the culture, are you interested in working at the startup? 

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