The 3 Most Important Team Members in Building a Startup

The 3 Most Important Team Members in Building a Startup

The 3 Most Important Team Members in Building a Startup

The 3 most important team members in building a startup that you need to know about so that your startup can grow and compete with other startup ecosystems that are growing from year to year. It’s no wonder that in the future, there may be more because many people want to build their own startup team. For those of you who are innovators who want to build a startup, you must have at least 3 members of this team to complete your team, namely a hustler who is good at business, a hipster who is good at designing, and a hacker who is good at sm programming. Let’s discuss the functions of the three teams.

  1. Hustler the Good Business & Marketing

Hustler the Good Business & Marketing

A hustler is a person who has very high creativity. Every team needs a visionary for one thing, namely sales. In this position, he is often referred to as a hustler. A hustler must be able to sell ideas to investors, pitch products to consumers, and establish networking to focus on company management issues. This is the reason why a hustler usually becomes a CEO of a company, because it is a very important role for success in a company.

  1. Hipster Si Good at Designing & User Experience

Hipster Si Good at Designing & User Experience

In the world of technology, what makes the difference is design. The more attractive a design is, the more attractive it is for investors or consumers to come. No wonder a startup needs people who are creative in the design field. People who have this passion are often referred to as hipsters. A Hipster is required to have a good and unique taste to attract an investor and image his startup as a good brand by packaging a website display or brand application that is more user-friendly. So, those who occupy this position must do their best to design the brand that they want to be highlighted, no matter how small.

  1. Hacker the Good Technical and Programming

Hacker the Good Technical and Programming

The last one is a hacker. A hacker is someone who understands technology and is responsible for the world of technology. A hacker must understand programming or coding skills. These hackers are one of the most important teams because they will develop technology for a start-up by creating a platform that consumers or the public want about the business you are building or developing.

The three are interrelated. Hipsters and hackers depend on hustlers, and hustlers also depend on hipsters and hackers. For example, if there is a hustler without a hipster, there will be no “contemporary” marketing strategy. Also, without a hacker, the business model will remain conventional. Now decide which role you want to take on.

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