The importance of having a work-life balance and its 5 benefits for you!

work-life balanceThe word work-life balance is probably a familiar word for millennials. It is often discussed on various social media how today’s workers can balance their work with their personal lives. This is certainly in great demand by employees to reduce work stress. So, what exactly is a work-life balance, and what are the benefits? Let’s discuss it below!

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is a condition when a worker or employee can manage the balance between his work life and his personal life. That way, you can manage your time well so that your personal life such as hobbies, recreation, friends, family, etc. Don’t be distracted by your work.

It may seem easy, but in reality, we are often so focused on the workload that we forget to take time for ourselves. This causes our energy to run out quickly which actually reduces productivity and reduces time with family due to fatigue.


Benefits of Work-life balance

Work-life balance is something that many employees want to achieve. The reason is because of the various benefits listed below:

1. Reduce stress and burnout

Feeling stressed is certainly a common thing in the world of work. However, if left unchecked, you can experience burnout which can actually reduce your productivity. Therefore, with a work-life balance, you can reduce stress by taking free time to rest and do activities that you like.

2. Increase work productivity

With an improved mood, optimal stress levels, and improved physical health, work-life balance can help you to increase your productivity levels in a work environment with a clear mind that helps you to be more focused and creative.

3. Improved quality of social life

With more free time, you can have more time to socialize with the people closest to you. You can hangout with your friends, or go for a walk with your family. With good social relationships, your level of happiness will also increase.

4. Healthier physically and mentally

Having time to take a break from work will not only reduce stress levels that have an impact on your mental health but also your physical health. Because, in addition to having time to exercise, low-stress levels also affect your physical health.

5. Have time to do activities outside of work

Being able to manage time between work and personal life means you can have more free time to do activities and hobbies that you love. That way, you will not continue to feel pressured by work that can make you stressed.


How to achieve work-life balance

After mentioning the benefits, surely you want to know how to achieve work-life balance. Therefore, here are some ways you can do to achieve this:

1. Manage your time and priorities at work

The first step in starting a work-life balance is to manage the time at work. The easiest way to manage time is to make a note so that the work can be done one-on-one to the maximum and not be burdened with multitasking. In addition, do not hesitate to refuse assignments that are not part of your job description.

2. Avoid bringing work matters to your personal life

Work time must be separated from personal time. Try to finish all the work at the office and don’t bring work at home that causes your rest time to be disturbed. For employees who work from home (WFH), set time limits for work and work in a place free from outside distractions.

3. Spend time with family and rest

After we have finished our work, take time for yourself to rest or with family. Relax, resting will not make your work lost and it never hurts to take a break. There are many things you can do during your break such as running a hobby, playing games, or sightseeing.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If you feel your work is too heavy, don’t hesitate to ask your fellow coworkers for help. Not all work has to be done alone, especially when you work in a team. Don’t be afraid to talk about how hard your job is because you can get the help you need that finish the job faster.


Those are some of the benefits and ways to achieve work-life balance. The point is, if you can manage time well, life doesn’t just work, but you can make yourself happy. May this article be useful!

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