What is digital transformation? Get to know 5 benefits for your business!

What is digital transformation? Get to know 5 benefits for your business!

As we know the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia, many policies from the government have limited our daily activities. Therefore, it will have an impact on state-owned, private, and MSMEs. With activity restrictions, the company’s productivity decreases where many business processes are hampered because they rely on offline activities. However, there is a solution that can be an opportunity for your business to survive during the pandemic and make a profit. The solution is digital transformation.

What is digital transformation?

Carrying out a transformation of a business is certainly not an easy step. Before that, we must recognize what digital transformation is. Digital transformation is a change in the business model by using digital technology so that business processes and performance can be more effective and efficient. This includes the marketing process, customer service, planning, etc. which overall can increase the quality and value of your business. In addition to modernizing your business, this transformation also helps support Indonesia’s business revolution in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Benefits of digital transformation

After we know the meaning of digital transformation, we certainly want to know more about what are the benefits that we can get from digital transformation. Here are 5 benefits of digital transformation :

  • Get Credible Insights

One of the platforms that can be applied in digital transformation is data insight. The platform provides various data that can be used for analysis that provides your business with various information to improve the quality of product development, marketing, and customer service quality.

  • Ease of data management

With cloud computing, all data in a business can be collected in one cloud file, so managing company resources will be easier, faster, and safer.

  • Improve competitiveness

At this time there is a tendency for consumers to buy products or services from digital companies. Because the process of buying/selling through digital technology is much easier than the system. This of course can give your business a competitive advantage to compete better.

  • Simplify business operations

The existence of digital transformation provides various types of tools that help complex business operational processes become more automated. That way, business operations will be faster and more efficient and increase company productivity.

  • Help achieve business targets

By digitizing your business, you can reach your target market more easily with platforms such as e-commerce. Coupled with an increase in effectiveness, efficiency, productivity in the business, and of course, this will help the business to achieve its intended target.


After we see the benefits of digital transformation that are very profitable for businesses, of course you have a great desire to carry out digital transformation. Carrying out this transformation is not an easy thing and of course there are many challenges in the process. But we must be able to overcome these challenges because over time, businesses must adapt to changes and technological developments to continue to survive and thrive in the future.

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