What to pay attention to when you work at a start-up?

What to pay attention to when you work at a start-up?

What to pay attention to when you work at a start-up?

#GenerasiPenemu, for the past few years, many young people want to work at start-up companies because of the rumor saying about the high salary and casual work environment with similar-age co-workers. But, do you know that the advantages of working at a start-up are not always about money and casual work environment? There are lots of advantages that you can look forward to if you want to work at a start-up.

Not like any other conventional companies where the considered factors when starting a new career are salary and benefit, in a start-up you can ask about your rights to get some company’s stock. Cool, huh?

But, wait. Before you think that all start-ups could give you the company’s stock, there are a few things that you need to consider before deciding whether you want to work at a start-up company or not.


It is better for you to pay attention to which stage is the company you want to work at. If you want a high salary, then an early-stage start-up is not right for you. But, if you have no problem with an average salary because you prioritize getting knowledge and experience, then an early-stage start-up is the right one for you.

Each person will have their own opinion about salary. Whatever choices you take, make sure you think about it thoroughly, and the amount is enough to put food on your table. No matter what, you still need to feed yourself, right?

Just like working at any other place, you still need to know your value and potency. Negotiating your salary in the recruitment phase is a normal thing to do. If you know that you have an incredible skill compared to people, there is nothing wrong with doing negotiation so that your monthly salary will be a little bit higher. Negotiation in the recruitment phase is very important to do so you can work peacefully and wholeheartedly give your best to the company.


A casual work environment, free to wear any kind of outfit, gym membership and fitness center, unlimited snacks on the snack bar, and many others, are the things included in advantages. The question is, do all start-ups really provided that kind of facilities and benefits? The answer is, no.

A company like Google could provide you with a comfortable and casual working place, or maybe a company like Airbnb could give $2,000 stipend money for holiday, but for small start-up companies that just start their battle, the possibility to get fantastic benefits is small. These days, several start-ups that are in their early-stage have been offering remote working as a benefit. Flexible working hours and freedom to choose working place are available as long as the work could be done on time.


The word equity might sound strange for some #GenerasiPenemu, but equity is an important part of start-up development. In short, equity or sometimes called stock is proof of ownership of the value of a company or proof of equity participation. In the start-up industry, if you work at a small start-up company, it is likely possible for you to be considered as a founder team rather than just a regular employee. Therefore, it is only right if you get the shares.

In big companies like Google, stocks are given regularly in accordance with how long the person is being in some certain position. However, in a newly established company, often the company has not been able to provide a salary that is according to the standard of the ability. If this is the case, then the available option is converting some amount of salary into stocks valuation by regular installment.

For example, you should be given 10 million rupiahs of salary with your ability, but because the company has not operated yet, then the company only gives you fifty percent of the salary, and converts the rest of the salary amount into shares ‘investment’. If you could save the shares for some period of time, it is possible that the value of the shares will be double or triple.

Shared ownership schemes like this are usually given by start-up founders who can project the development and increase the company’s valuation in the future. If you get the opportunity to make an ‘investment’ installment of some of your income, there’s no harm in trying and feeling the benefits of owning a number of company’s shares that can grow rapidly in a short time.

So, what do you think, #GenerasiPenemu? Working at a start-up is actually more interesting than many people talk about, right? Wherever you want to work, the keyword is to do research first on the company, both in terms of culture to the benefits and environment of the workers, because the life of company employees is not only about salary and money.

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