Your business already knows what a landing page, its types, differences and what are its benefits ? If not, 5 things you should know !

Your business already knows what a landing page, its types, differences and what are its benefits ? If not, 5 things you should know !

When you are still confused about determining an effective marketing strategy, landing pages can be the solution. Landing pages can help you to make more money just with an online store website.

However, if you are still unfamiliar with the word landing page, this article will discuss what landing pages and what are the benefits for your business or company? Come on, see the following explanation!

What is a Landing Page?

landing page is a page on a website that is specially designed with a marketing. This page is displayed when visitors access the website from paid search results (paid search).

Types Landing Pages

There are two types of landing pages that can be distinguished, namely:

1.Click Through Click Through

has type the aim of persuading visitors to click on other pages. Usually used in e-commerce, you can use it to describe a product or offer in sufficient detail to lure consumers to see your product before buying it.

The characteristics of click through are the appearance of incoming advertisements directed at the shopping cart or registration page. This results in fewer conversions occurring as ads don’t provide enough information for a person to make an informed decision. In essence, you should design it well and attractively so that visitors are interested in doing what you expect.

2.Lead Generation

Type page Lead also has a CTA button. However, the difference is that users can directly convert on this page without moving to another page with just one click. Functionality This type of landing page is designed to collect leads directly.

This type of page is for you if you are making a non-risky offer. Users will not hesitate to take certain actions according to the conversion you want.  

Functions Landing Page

Based on the type, there are two main functions of landing pages. First, landing pages can be used to collect data on potential visitors or leads. These leads are what the business looks after. Then these potential customers are expected to make purchases in the future.

Second, landing pages can also serve to speed up transactions. This page is minimal distraction from menus and other navigation buttons. In other words, a landing page provides a special avenue for visitors to access the product or service they want to buy.

Differences Landing Page with Homepage

The most obvious difference between a landing page and a homepage lies in its purpose. Landing pages have only one purpose. And generally because the goal is only one, then the link or button on the landing page is also only one. While Homepage has 43 links or buttons, the difference landing page only has one button. Then, having fewer links on a web page has been shown to increase conversions, due to less distraction. Those are some of the reasons for doing paid advertising always using a landing page.

Characteristics Homepage:

  • Displays the first page on a website
  • Displays navigation buttons and URLs to important pages on the website
  • Can provide education about the products and services offered.

Characteristics Landing Page:

  • Landing pages have a special function on the website.
  • Marketing strategy for consumers to be more focused and immediately buy products.
  • Provide product information to consumers.

Landing pages are usually used in a website as a marketing strategy. This is done so that consumers who open the website are interested in knowing the products being sold.

In practice landing page is different from the homepage. However, for simpler and more effective tools, the seller usually uses a landing page on their website.

You can also apply a landing page marketing strategy on your business or company website, you know. Good luck!

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