Our journey started in 2018, starting from a dream by our Founder to open up more opportunities for young Indonesians, to develop their ideas and innovations into real products that can have a positive impact on society and the environment.

In 2019 PT Inovasi Indonesia Berkarya built an innovation platform Ideanation to accommodate young Indonesian innovators to grow and facilitate through funding, the latest technology and also access to the industrial world.

During its journey, Ideanation has found various extraordinary innovators who will continue to be supported to become successful entrepreneurs with the aim of contributing to a better Indonesia.


  • To become a leading Business Incubator in Indonesia that prioritizes quality and success rate above quantity.


  • Stimulating the creativity and innovation of young Indonesians.
  • Building an ecosystem that supports innovative ideas for personal and business development.
  • Helping and facilitating innovators in developing their business starting from the embryo phase.
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